bernadette mullings, certified baby nurse

Bernadette has been caring for babies and new mothers since she was a little girl helping her mother.

She knows how the youngest babies communicate, enabling their mothers and caregivers to navigate this beautiful and challenging time.


What does a baby nurse do?

A baby nurse cares for baby and mother 24/7 during the     early weeks, ensuring that both are healthy, happy, and comfortable in their new life together.

She assists with breastfeeding, c-section recovery, umbilical cord and circumcision care, formula feeding, bottle sterilization, establishing good sleep patterns, and mother-baby bonding.

She will bring a sense of peace and calm to your home.



"In the time I've known Bernadette, she has been an enormous help to my family.  She started with us just after I had my little girl Madeline and saw us through the trying first month.

Of Bernadette's strengths --and there are many-- her greatest is her dedication to the baby.  She devotes her full attention to the child and accommodates her needs, even when they are difficult to decipher.  

I understand that the demands of a newborn are challenging at best, but I am confident that Bernadette can handle and love even the most difficult babies.  She conducts herself professionally, and is able to connect with all types of little ones.

Her warmth, attentive care, and inviting personality will be sure to endear her to you and your family."

     --Lindsay and Scott, parents of Madeline


"We cannot imagine our lives as parents without Bernadette.  Since the very beginning, with all three of our children, she has given us the invaluable gift of her unflappable, compassionate care throughout.  I have seen the way the youngest babies interact with her and it is remarkable.  She is a truly gifted baby nurse."

     -- Jill and Andy, parents of three






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